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How do Afterpay refunds work?

Updated on 09/08/2023

If you’ve used Afterpay for your order, we inform Afterpay about the refundable amounts, which they process accordingly. Refunds are first deducted from your final payments. If you’ve completed at least one payment towards your order and the refund exceeds the remaining balance, the surplus will be credited to the credit/debit card tied to your Afterpay account. Please allow 3-5 business days for your bank to process this refund.

To illustrate, suppose you spent $400 through Afterpay, divided into 4 instalments of $100 each. If you decide to return products worth $250, upon processing your return, we’ll inform Afterpay. Consequently, your 3rd and 4th instalments of $100 will be cancelled, and your 2nd instalment will be adjusted to $50.

For our New Zealand customers:

The exchange rate is fixed when you order using Afterpay. This guarantees that the refund amount in NZD will match the initial payment. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any supplementary fees charged by your bank. For detailed insights on this, we recommend reaching out to your banking provider.

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